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Are you looking forward to new housing, have you paid your booking fee, did you get all the documents, and after all those scrambles you finally rejected your mortgage application? Was the reason for the rejection of your application insufficient income or a record in the debtors register? Nowadays, this does not automatically mean that you have to give up your dream of living. In addition to mortgages mediated by banks, there are a number of institutions that provide so – called non – bank low-interest mortgages . For many of them, there are freer restrictions on income, sometimes without demonstrable income, a record in the debtor’s register, an execution or a high age of the applicant.

How does a low-interest low-interest mortgage work?

How does a low-interest low-interest mortgage work?

In fact, non-bank mortgages operate on the principle of an American mortgage, where you are provided with finance on the basis of collateral. Non-bank mortgages are usually more expensive than mortgage products provided by a bank, and we must also take into account that in the case of a non-bank mortgage, we will not be provided with the full amount of the property or a large part of it. Which is obviously understandable because these companies have no other guarantees and they also need to earn something to mediate these products.

These products are provided for a period of one to twenty years.

What to watch out for with a low-interest, low-interest mortgage?

If we choose to draw on a low-interest , non-bank mortgage , the Internet and user reviews will be guaranteed to help us choose the product to eliminate the companies we consider fraudulent. Most intermediary firms have significantly reduced interest on this product in recent years and are gradually moving towards banking products. Of course, the non-bank mortgage is very attractive for customers who have been rejected by the bank, but this area is also a glue for fraudsters. It is necessary to pay attention to pre-payment fees, interest rates and APR rate, fixation period and it is advisable to have the whole amount payable.

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