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Although loans are one of the most common financing instruments that exist, people often end up experimenting with credit cards first. On average, the age at which the Spanish apply for a loan for the first time is 26 years, but due to the technology and the different financing options that are appearing, this is changing and the ages are decreasing. 1 in 10 young people between 18 and 24 have already applied for a loan.


Most of them start with a credit card

Most of them start with a credit card

Since many entities usually give credit cards to young people who enter the labor market by domiciling their payrolls at the bank. So, when you already have a card, care must be taken to decide when to use it and when it is necessary to apply for a personal loan, especially if it is the first one you will request.

The key point you should consider is that interest rates on personal loans are more comfortable than credit cards, that is, you will pay less when financing your acquisition in more installments. However, obtaining it requires a request, while the use of the card is a more direct mechanic.


So how to decide?

So how to decide?

Basically, personal loans are ideal when you will make some major expenses that, to be met, must be financed in several installments, for example, 10 or 12. In this sense, using a loan would be cheaper than your card, not just because you don’t You would use up your entire line of credit, but because the interest would be lower.

Here, although applying for the loan may require a little more time, it is worth investing, as it is the right type of financing to meet your needs. For example, it could be a trip abroad, the acquisition of a high-price appliance, renovation of some area of ​​your department, etc.

Something you should also consider before applying for your first loan is that interest rates vary from entity to entity. Not only banks are available, but also cash and banks. To find the most competitive option, you just have to compare the alternatives in specialized sites likee Garndice family and you will check which one is ideal for your profile and pocket.

Unpaid balance: What it is, formula and how to calculate interest Wed, 14 Aug 2019 00:36:24 +0000

When requesting any type of financing it is important that the person knows all the concepts applied in the process. One of the most common is the unpaid balance.

Not knowing how the outstanding balance of a loan works can significantly affect your experience. Ideally, always choose a financial product that applies interest on the unpaid balance, so that you progressively pay less.

In order to help you better understand this concept, we will explain what it is, how to calculate it and more.


What is unpaid balance?

What is unpaid balance?

The unpaid balance is the capital plus the interest that remains to be paid on a loan or the average of a loan portfolio (any term, installment, installment or credit card debt, on which interest is charged), for a period of time, usually one month.


Formula to calculate the outstanding balance

Formula to calculate the outstanding balance

The formula is:

Unpaid balance = Original balance + Interest – Balance paid.

You will need to calculate the nominal or monthly interest, dividing the annual interest by the number of months you will have to pay the loan in installments.

You will put this information in a depreciation table and you will know how much the outstanding balance will be after each payment you make. Credit institutions generally offer this information; Be sure to check.


Interest on outstanding balances

Interest on outstanding balances

The interest on unpaid balances will depend on the monthly rate applied by the entity, the balance itself and the number of days it has not been paid. This interest becomes effective only if the minimum amount, or more, of the fee is paid on the specified date.

If this is not done, an interest for delinquency is created that affects the overdue fee. It should be noted that this interest on outstanding balances is not charged to the total amount due.


Example of outstanding balance

Example of outstanding balance

Suppose you request a loan of $ 250,000 to pay in 12 monthly installments at an interest rate of 28%. Next we will show the amortization table for this case where the unpaid balance will be appreciated.

Payment Date Outstanding balance Minimum Payment Capital Interests
one April 5, 2019 $ 232,777 $ 24,283 $ 17,283 $ 7,000
two May 6, 2019 $ 214,045 $ 24,283 $ 18,672 $ 5,611
3 June 5, 2019 $ 194,756 $ 24,283 $ 19,289 $ 4,994
4 July 5, 2019 $ 175,018 $ 24,283 $ 19,739 $ 4,544
5 August 6, 2019 $ 154,955 $ 24,283 $ 20,063 $ 4,220
6 September 4, 2019 $ 134,287 $ 24,283 $ 20,667 $ 3,616
7 October 7, 2019 $ 113,451 $ 24,283 $ 20,836 $ 3,447
8 November 4, 2019 $ 91,639 $ 24,283 $ 21,812 $ 2,471
9 December 4, 2019 $ 69,494 $ 24,283 $ 22,145 $ 2,138
10 January 6, 2020 $ 46,995 $ 24,283 $ 22,499 $ 1,784
eleven February 3, 2020 $ 23,735 $ 24,283 $ 23,260 $ 1,023
12 March 5, 2020 $ 0 $ 24,307 $ 23,735 $ 572
    Total = $ 291,420 $ 250,000 $ 41,420


Earn at a private museum | Republic of Poland Financial Advice Tue, 02 Apr 2019 19:03:41 +0000

The example of the Czar CZL museum shows that you can successfully run a fully private facility of this type.

Private museum Czar PRL ( was promoted from the suburbs of the capital to Plac Konstytucji, it is located next to the Polonia Theater of Krystyna Janda.

Collector Rafał Patla (born in 1985) from 2013 ran a museum in the distant Praga. It occupied a space of 100 meters. Now the exhibition is over 250 meters. We are watching objects that illustrate the post-war history of Poland. Today, they are already bidding heavily on auctions. The collector won them when they did not arouse interest.

It is worth checking: The price of design from PRL is growing

Rafał Patla reconstructed the lives of Poles in the People’s Republic of Poland. The iconic products are placed on special screens. For example, hair dryers with avant-garde shapes make a great impression. You can see that even in the 1950s, we had brilliant designers of everyday objects. The dryer is a dozen or so. Every now and then there is a triumphal cry: “I had this!” Vacuum cleaners, tape recorders, portable radios and, for example, popular soaps, have also been exposed.

A street carbonator makes a great impression with a glass on a chain. There is an after-shave lotion that was unofficially used for drinking, as cheap alcohol. These motifs are known from the cult films of Stanisław Bareja. Many guests have a tear in their eye looking at the legendary Frania washing machine.

museum of the Polish People's Republic


The cult washing machine Frania has been repeatedly presented in museums at exhibitions on the post-war history of Poland. Fig. press materials

Zomo is watching

The attraction for children is the telephone booth. The search for the payphone took years, because today is an absolute unique. Similarly, you could not get the typical hooks from the butcher’s shop. But the shop was reconstructed with bare hooks and meat vouchers that had no cover in the goods.

The apartments of the intellectual and worker were reconstructed . They differ in equipment. In the apartment of the intellectual there are furniture from the 1960s. The production of the ŁAD cooperative, the same today is sensational at the auctions. The exhibition in the museum ennobles objects used in the PRL. Will it affect the increase in their prices on the antiquarian market?

In the ideological corner, we have a choice of Lenin’s and Karl Marx’s heads . It is worth paying attention to the framed annuals of “Dziennik Ustaw” from the years of Stalinism. Exhibits are not accidental jumble. The collector gained them over the years with a view to educating the museum’s guests.

The walls have large, legible descriptions in Polish and English. The guest leaves the museum with a powerful dose of historical knowledge. He also gains something more. The climate of life in those times was recreated here . For example, on a hanger hangs fur from nutria – every elegant Polish woman once dreamed of it, it was a symbol of wealth!

After reading the best textbook, we do not understand the absurdity of life in those days . We better understand these times when we look at hideous fur from nutria or nasty shoes called crisis, sewn from felt, when there was no skin or even imitation leather. To the set on the walls we have archival photographs of kilometer queues to stores. The whole is guarded by the ZOMO-rook standing at the entrance in full armament.

museum of the Polish People's Republic


Poles’ quality of life changed radically after 1989 (residential interior). Fig. press materials

School trips in the museum of the People’s Republic of Poland

Already in the stairwell we are greeted by the legendary poster of Tomasz Sarnecki with the sheriff motif and the inscription “At noon. “Solidarity” June 4, 1989 “. The poster encouraged participation in elections that overthrew communism. Painted cabinets with photographs and conspiratorial leaflets from martial law were hung along the stairs. There is an original, underground edition, the obituary of Grzegorz Przemyk, a high school student murdered by the militia. Ready to assemble is a monitor from which actress Joanna Szczepkowska will deliver a historical communique she made on television in 1989: “Ladies and gentlemen, on June 4, 1989, communism ended in Poland …”

The new headquarters has a cinema room, and film chronicles from the communist era are displayed. The café will open soon. It has period equipment. On the walls, paintings of Jerzy Srokowski from the legendary Warsaw cafe Antyczna were reconstructed.

In the next room will be kindergarten. There, little ones will be able to play with the same toys as their grandparents. During this time, we have children will have a nice time in the cafe.

School trips especially come to the museum for history lessons . Rafał Patla informs that young people are surprised that such a radical change took place in Poland after 1989! The students did not realize that in the PRL life was so poor and gray.

museum of the Polish People's Republic


The water saturator has a glass attached to the chain. We know similar devices from popular films by Stanisław Bareja. Fig. press materials

Nysa around Warsaw

– Students do not know what a centrally planned economy was . They do not understand why the highest authorities of the Polish People’s Republic have even decided to produce twine straps, which were missing each year. Students do not even know what food cards and foreign currency vouchers for Bank Pekao served at the exhibition.

The objects exhibited in the museum are used as an illustration of the post-war history of Poland. Students after leaving the museum should know why this system was created, how it lived then and why this reality had to end – says Rafał Patla.

Frequent visitors are tourists from around the world. They come here especially. The museum’s creator says: – Tourists from the world in our museum find the answer to the question of what communism was, which they did not experience themselves. Tourists know nothing about the history of Poland, for example about martial law.

They do not know how people lived in this part of the world in 1945-1989. They order tours around Warsaw with us. We have our Nysia, which we transport to the willing, and the guide tells the history of Warsaw – continues Rafał Patla.

The official opening will take place on February 28, but today at least 50 people visit this place daily. The collection was ideally suited to the social demand. The elders are moved because the exhibition reminds them of youth, they bring gifts. The museum is quite a private initiative. He does not use subsidies or rent privileges, the place won at the tender.

Payday Loans – Best Online Banks to Choose From Mon, 21 Jan 2019 18:22:42 +0000



There are many banks on the net and some of them have come on the market in recent years. Bank Norwegian and Santander Consumer Bank are two of the obvious providers that have positively influenced the market and opportunities.

We look at the leading banks online and which internet bank you should choose. Get help finding the best online bank based on your needs.


Which Internet Bank Should I Choose?


Which Internet Bank Should I Choose?


The important question is which internet bank you should choose. There are many parameters that have an impact on the right choice. Partly your own needs and partly your choice of provider.

There is no doubt that the loan companies are different when it comes to requirements, terms, loan amounts and interest. You should therefore make an effort to find the best solution.

Based on the interest rate , we believe you should look for online banks such as Bank Norwegian, Santander Consumer Bank and Ikano Bank. They have attractive interest rates and offer many options as you can apply for both small and large amounts of money.

Based on the response time and requirements , you should probably not focus on the above. You must either have a permanent job or earn 240,000 a year to apply for them. At the same time, you probably expect there can be 1-3 business days before the money is in the account. So, if fast response time is crucial, or if you cannot meet these requirements, alternatives like Nordic Loans or Vivus will be good candidates. Here you must be 18 and 20 years respectively to be able to apply.

However, let us emphasize that you should always go for the lowest credit costs, whether that means you have to wait a little longer for the money. For this reason, you should not stay away from applying for more places, in order to give yourself the best starting point. It can save you many thousands of dollars.

You can always compare consumer loans on our front page .


Start by Clarifying your Needs


Start by Clarifying your Needs


A good start will be to clarify what needs you have as a customer. Do you need 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 DKK? It has a lot to say for your choices and who you should apply with.

Those who are best in loans of DKK 25,000 need not be in the case of loans of DKK 100,000 , so it will always require an individual assessment. At the same time, it is also not given that you meet the requirements everywhere.

When we talk about your needs, most people will have one of the following points as their primary driver when making a decision. The question is what is most important to you when choosing a bank online? Keep in mind you can’t always get it all, as the cheapest eg. Rarely are the quickest to pay out the money.

  • Are you looking for the cheapest solution (lowest APR)?
  • Are you looking for special benefits, grace-free, break etc.?
  • Are you looking for quick response times or strong reviews.


Compare Banks Online through Us


Compare Banks Online through Us


You can always compare banks online via our website. We have even made targeted listings, depending on the amount of money you are looking for. This means you can easily check your options, regardless of whether you are missing 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 kroner in the account. The possibilities will be very different as each provider has individual limits.

The comparison can be used to learn about the terms, requirements, response times and, not least, which online banks are among the cheapest. Make use of it to find the cheapest consumer loan online.

We wish there could be easily identified a best internet bank, it just doesn’t hang like that. It will always be individual and based on your personal preferences and the providers’ credit rating.

Low-Interest Non-Bank Mortgage – Non-Bank Mortgage Thu, 17 Jan 2019 14:40:29 +0000

Are you looking forward to new housing, have you paid your booking fee, did you get all the documents, and after all those scrambles you finally rejected your mortgage application? Was the reason for the rejection of your application insufficient income or a record in the debtors register? Nowadays, this does not automatically mean that you have to give up your dream of living. In addition to mortgages mediated by banks, there are a number of institutions that provide so – called non – bank low-interest mortgages . For many of them, there are freer restrictions on income, sometimes without demonstrable income, a record in the debtor’s register, an execution or a high age of the applicant.

How does a low-interest low-interest mortgage work?

How does a low-interest low-interest mortgage work?

In fact, non-bank mortgages operate on the principle of an American mortgage, where you are provided with finance on the basis of collateral. Non-bank mortgages are usually more expensive than mortgage products provided by a bank, and we must also take into account that in the case of a non-bank mortgage, we will not be provided with the full amount of the property or a large part of it. Which is obviously understandable because these companies have no other guarantees and they also need to earn something to mediate these products.

These products are provided for a period of one to twenty years.

What to watch out for with a low-interest, low-interest mortgage?

If we choose to draw on a low-interest , non-bank mortgage , the Internet and user reviews will be guaranteed to help us choose the product to eliminate the companies we consider fraudulent. Most intermediary firms have significantly reduced interest on this product in recent years and are gradually moving towards banking products. Of course, the non-bank mortgage is very attractive for customers who have been rejected by the bank, but this area is also a glue for fraudsters. It is necessary to pay attention to pre-payment fees, interest rates and APR rate, fixation period and it is advisable to have the whole amount payable.

Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing your non-bank mortgage Depending on the amount of the loan, you may also be granted a non-bank mortgage without a pledge A non-bank mortgage calculator quickly calculates your repayments Mortgage with execution, your rescue from auction The whole blog

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Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing a non-bank mortgage Do you want a change in your family budget? Take advantage of non-bank mortgage refinancing Every year, the family has different needs. Therefore, what suited us a few years ago today can … WHOLE BLOG

Payday loan debt consolidation programs -Get a payday loan debt consolidation help Mon, 22 Jan 2018 15:05:50 +0000 Get a payday loan debt consolidation help

One of the exciting features of cash advance is debt consolidation reduction. So, the rules are very identical to other loans. When you have many different debts, it’s possible to bring together all of your debts into one loan. Debt consolidation at continue reading this.. is a useful payday loan option, and it’s assisted many people with there economical problems. In addition! With the payday loan help debt consolidation Consolidation Now, you can considerably decrease your monthly loan payments.

While setting up an adult site may seem such as the most natural thing in the world to do, earning money off it is not entirely because painless. The resources regarding content and images really are a dime a dozen while transaction processors serving the grownup industry will barely achieve a handful.

The rate of interest cap still resists the idea of needing to accept credit card payments. Product owner accounts are an excellent resource for any business that market products and services. And having the opportunity to use their plastic can make it easier for them to spend a bit more then they planned to. Therefore increase your sales instantly whenever you accept all significant cards payments. Find yourself a good merchant service provider definition soon.

What happens if you can’t think of any abilities or knowledge that people may be interested in? Then, you can look for a workable business model plus focus on that alone. You are able to obtain almost everything you need by means of bartering, web hosting, domain name or even best merchant services company to work for, to name a few in return for your product (if you might have one) or services such as copywriting, ghostwriting and site designs. In short, be available to consider up those mundane careers that people don’t want to do, and you could do that for those people in return for things you need. You just need to ask for it!

At this organization’s most fundamental level, you actually don’t have to invest a lot of money to create a lot of money. You will need a website along with a merchant account. The most acquainted merchant account services online are PayPal – and it’s free. Together with a website, an eBook which you create, and a PayPal service provider account. You can be up and run in a few days.

Build a website. There are infinite options based on what you’re looking for. If you have merely no experience then do a Search for comfortable website contractor. There are lots of free trials around, so find one you’re confident with. If you are a little more advanced, however, recommend WordPress (Magento regarding storefronts) and hosting this on server space you are able to lease. I have had great experiences with HostGator, Lunarpages, and Site5. All possess outstanding customer service, so looking a newbie you will be able to obtain some assistance. WordPress plus Magento are content administration systems (cms) which means you can make use of some cool tools plus plugins with them to help raise your search engine ranking.

So shield yourself and your online business through stolen credit card orders only by always checking when there is the particular red flag combinations of individual billing and shipping tackles and second day or even overnight air delivery. You will lay aside yourself a lot of hassle plus money.

Getting A Low-Rate Boat Loan Wed, 20 Sep 2017 05:39:37 +0000 This particular loan scheme can be quickly qualified by those UK residents who are employed on no credit check basis for past six months continuously with a kind and good income source. This is said since you have to cash loans atlanta repay the whole mortgage money within one 30 days and you can understand this very well. You have to be more than 18 years of age because only adults meet the criteria for this loan scheme using a valid checking account in any UNITED KINGDOM bank. These all details are crucial in order to become a real applicant with this scheme.

Looking depending on how to get boat financing? You may feel surprised to understand that you can finance the most up-to-date boat since your new automobile. Like automobile dealers, boat dealers and bankers can allow you to prepare to get one at an affordable cost. You can do apply online for boat finance. Before coming to a decision on own, get rate quotes from different competing organizations. The loan rate must rely on the sort of the boat bought, a period of the easy approval online installment loans loan, credit scores, deposit in regards to the loan etc. The number of debts you have borrowed and exactly how well an individual been paying them – and also the be checked and verified from your own scores.

The yield on 10-year bond has dropped more than 10 points this week, currently at 3.30%. This is good news for a bank of America mortgage which dropped significantly just like the day wore on yesterday and frequently be opening even lower this mid-day. For the “best and strongest” borrowers out there today, 30 year fixed rate mortgages are dropping below 5%, while 5/1 ARMS are dropping below 4%.

With the assistance of boat loans for older boat loans for older boats, it is relatively easy to avail the boat you want. The applicant must also calculate their monthly payments to are aware of the budget with the boat and whether he/she is capable of repaying cash back.

So just be aware that there are involving national debts cumulatively maturing in 2015 and so, in anticipation, we may possibly see the rate of interest go higher well before 2015 – perhaps around in 2013 or 2014 – making financing of just about everything harder and pricy. So if there’s something you’re considering purchasing with financing, now’s the time to locate a bargain – provided of course that you comfortably afford it.

You programs make confident you have requested a replica of your credit ranking prior to applying to obtain a bad credit best boat loan rates. However, it allows anyone to look any kind of discrepancies that may arise and look after you from getting the best bargain. You will also be able to tell what sort of APR you will most be offered determined by what your score must be.

Our suggestion? Relax, sit back with a glass of lemonade and we’ll give just a few good reasons why it’s okay to enjoy your midsummer days and nights for long periods longer.

In conclusion, don’t base your property investing pattern after 1 of the marketplace forecasters. Have a look at the market. Have a gander back ways and explore historical highs and lows. Do some number crunching in your target markets. You’re going to go a lot farther in so doing some impartial real estate research bank and your own home market than by relying on Joe Marketplace Expert tells how.